Thursday, October 3, 2013

Michigan Fishing Report

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Southeast Lower Peninsula

Lake Erie:  Catch rates for perch are slowly improving.  Some limit catches were reported out near Stony Point in 24 feet and off the DTE Plant in 18 to 22 feet. Glow or chartreuse beads on hooks worked best. 
Detroit River:  Perch have been caught south of Celeron Island, south of Sugar Island, and east of Rat Island.  Anglers are using minnows and perch rigs in 10 feet. Orange was the hot color.  Those jigging crawlers near the Cross Dike caught a couple walleye.  A fair to good number of bass have been caught.    
Lake St. Clair:  Yellow perch fishing is steadily picking up.  Minnows worked best for those fishing on the Ontario side of the lake.  Some good catches were also reported near the Dumping Grounds and off the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club.   Smallmouth bass fishing was good as perch anglers are catching them.  Muskie fishing was steady. 
St. Clair River:  Shore anglers at Port Huron have caught trout and salmon.  A few were taken by walleye anglers trolling crawler harnesses.  Walleye fishing is good from Port Huron all the way down into the Delta Channels.  Most are trolling or jigging.  The season to harvest lake sturgeon closed on September 30th but the catch and immediate release season remains open through the end of November. 
Harbor Beach:  The few boats still heading out are taking the occasional steelhead about 80 feet down in 90 feet of water.  Near shore water temperatures were on the warm side.  A couple walleye were caught in the harbor. 
Saginaw Bay:  Had good perch action in 8 to 10 feet off the Pinconning Bar and near the H Buoy.  They are sorting the small ones but still taking 8 to 10 inch fish.  Those fishing off the mouth of the Saginaw River caught few perch but did get a couple walleye on minnows.   At Quanicassee, boat anglers caught a few perch out near the last channel marker buoys in 11 feet of water.  At Sebewaing, a few small bluegills and the odd perch were caught off the docks inside the municipal marina.  Bay Port is producing smallmouth bass in shallow waters 2 to 4 feet around North Island.  Perch anglers are heading to the west side of the bay.  At Caseville, a few boats fishing off Oak Point found some perch averaging 10 to 12 inches. 
Saginaw River:  Those fishing at Essexville have caught catfish, freshwater drum, smallmouth bass, and small perch.

Southwest Lower Peninsula

St. Joseph River:  Continues to produce a fair to good number of salmon and steelhead up near the Berrien Springs Dam.  Try small spoons, spinners or spawn.   
Kalamazoo River:  Is producing chinook and coho up near the Allegan Dam.  Some are casting spoons and spinners while others are floating spawn and crawlers.  Some have caught the occasional steelhead.  
Calhoun County:  Prairie Lake and Ackley Lake were producing some nice bluegills.  Duck Lake was good for pike and panfish. 
Holland:  Pier anglers are struggling when casting or using spawn and alewife.  Boat anglers targeting salmon found fish in 100 to 120 feet when trolling spoons and body baits.  No perch to report.     
Grand Haven:  Salmon anglers are fishing in waters between 50 and 250 feet deep however most fish were caught in the 100 foot range with downriggers 30 to 90 feet down.  Spoons and body baits were the favorite.  Orange and green were best in shallower waters but dark colors like purple and black worked better out deeper.   
Grand River at Grand Rapids:  Salmon and steelhead are being caught on spoons, spinners, spawn, wobble glows or flies.  Look for brown trout in the next week or two. 
Grand River at Lansing:  More anglers are out as salmon are moving into both the Grand and the Red Cedar.  Low water levels have resulted in a lower number of salmon. 
Muskegon River:  Has a good number of chinook salmon throughout the river.  While many are turning dark, anglers will still find some fresh fish. 
Whitehall:   Boats out trolling in waters 100 to 180 feet or more caught steelhead 30 to 70 feet down.  Yellow and red spoons were the ticket.  A few salmon were still being caught by pier anglers casting orange and red body baits.  

Northeast Lower Peninsula

Rogers City:  Adult salmon are still in and around the bay.  Those going out at 3am and fishing until sun up have caught fish.  Once the sun comes up, the bite quits.  Most are using bombers off boards.  Those fishing off the breakwall caught a few when casting spoons and body baits or floating spawn.  Young salmon were caught between Swan Bay and Adams Point.  Try halfway down in 40 to 80 feet with smaller spoons.  Hot colors were green, blue, orange and silver, black and silver, or purple and white.  They are running sliders off the main lines and getting two fish on one rod.  Lake trout season closed on September 30th. 
Presque Isle:  Anglers are doing well for young chinook along with a limited number of steelhead and walleye straight out or north between the lighthouses, off Black Point and north of North Bay.  Try halfway down in 40 to 90 feet with smaller spoons. 
Thunder Bay River:  Has chinook salmon but some have already turned.  Try casting spoons and crank baits or floating spawn.  Use glow spoons after dark. 
Harrisville:  Fish are making their way in and out of the harbor but catch rates were slow with the warm water temperatures.  When the fish are there, they seem to be in good numbers but would not bite.  Try floating spawn or casting spoons and body baits late at night.  Spawn is working during the day if the fish are there.    
Oscoda:  Pier fishing was hit-or-miss because of the warm water.  Try spoons or body baits at night. 
Au Sable River:  Very few fish have made their way up into the river.   Watch for cooler temperatures and winds from the north or east which will bring the fish in. 
Lake Margrethe:  Fishing was good for perch and panfish during the warm spell.   
Lake St. Helen:  Is producing bluegill and sunfish in 3 to 5 feet of water.  Pike are active and can be found around the weed beds.  Some are still catching bass. 
Tawas:  Pier anglers managed to catch one salmon, some bullhead, the odd walleye or a few small perch. 
Tawas River:  Those fishing at night caught a couple salmon.
Au Gres:  Fishing was slow.  Those trying for perch had limited success. They were fishing straight out from the mouth of the river in 20 to 25 feet.  Catch rates were better further down the bay. 
Au Gres River:  Down at Singing Bridge, a light number of salmon have been caught in the surf.  Fish can be seen offshore.  A brown trout was caught.    

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Petoskey:  Salmon fishing was slow for pier anglers casting spoons or crank baits but those surfcasting near the breakwall caught the occasional fish on spoons. 
Salmon can be seen near the mouth of the river but they are not interested in anything being thrown at them.  Boat anglers reported slow fishing. 
Bear River:  Had a large run of fish.  Anglers have caught chinook and coho at the dam.  Most were using flies but yarn, artificial eggs and spawn have also caught fish. 
Charlevoix:  The few boats heading out did catch fish around the Can and in the slip at the cement plant.  They did best between 2am and 7am when casting spoons or crank baits.  Smallmouth bass were caught on crawlers and leeches in the channel. 
Angling pressure was still high near the Medusa Weir.  Catch rates were still a bit slow but should improve with rain and cooler temperatures.  Anglers are wading and casting spoons, crank baits or spawn.  Best time to fish is early morning or at night.      
Traverse City:  Lake trout season is now closed in both bays.  Coho and cicso have been caught in the East Bay.  Anglers are trolling spoons about 80 feet down.  A few perch were caught by those still-fishing with minnows and wigglers.  In the West Bay, cisco were caught by those trolling.  A small number of boats were perch fishing along the weed beds in 20 to 30 feet.  Salmon were caught after dark by those casting glow spoons near the mouth of the Boardman.  Both bays had good smallmouth bass fishing.   
Elk River:  Fishing has been hit-or-miss but chinook and coho have been caught near the dam.  Young steelhead were also caught. 
Boardman River:  Has a decent number of salmon however the run is likely past the peak.  The bite was slow but a few were taken by those drifting skein under a bobber. 
Glen Arbor:  Fishing has pretty much stopped as the kings are heading up into the Crystal River and Shalda Creek.
Platte Bay:  Fishing at Platte Point is slow but a few were taken by those surfcasting with glow spoons before sunrise.  There are chinook and coho at the mouth but they do not want to bite. 
Betsie River:  Is full of chinook salmon and plenty of anglers are taking advantage of the opportunities at hand.  Anglers are reminded that snagging is illegal. 
Onekama:  Had no fishing activity because of dredging in the channel. 
Portage Lake:  Those trolling J-plugs caught a few chinook and coho along the west side of the lake.  Bass anglers are working hard but some good size fish have been caught along the breakwalls and drop-offs.    
Manistee:  Pier anglers and those surfcasting have caught the occasional steelhead.  Boat anglers caught young salmon and steelhead in the top 60 feet of waters 300 to 600 feet deep.  Orange spoons were the ticket. 
Manistee River:  The salmon run is near its peak.  Anglers are reminded that snagging is illegal.  Foul hooked fish must be released. 
Ludington:  Some boats have found salmon and steelhead.  They are using short coppers and lead core with orange and green spoons.  No steelhead to report. 
Pere Marquette River:  Is producing some big chinook right along with a few brown trout and steelhead.    
Pentwater:  The salmon are pretty much done though a couple fish were caught by pier anglers casting orange and red body baits.  A few were trolling along the shoreline but no fish were caught.  

Upper Peninsula

Marquette:  Anglers report good coho action with a couple limit catches reported.  A few chinook and lake trout were mixed in.  Anglers are trolling in waters less than 40 feet deep outside the Lower Harbor breakwall and the Carp and Chocolay Rivers.  
Dead River:  Is producing pink salmon between the mouth and the 550 Bridge. 
Carp River:  Catch rates were fair with a few coho caught on crawlers or stick baits in the early morning.  No chinook salmon to report. 
Chocolay River:  Is producing a fair to good number of coho for those using spoons, stick baits or spawn sacks between M-28 and the mouth.  
Menominee:  Bay anglers were trolling for trout, salmon, and walleye in 25 to 35 feet.  For trout and salmon try spoons and for walleye try rapalas or crawler harnesses. 
Catch rates for walleye were slow but a few trout and salmon were caught near the Menominee Marina. 
Menominee River:  Most anglers targeting trout and salmon are upstream between Stephenson Island and the Hattie Street Dam.  They are drifting spawn and yarn or casting small spoons.  Some walleye were caught in the early morning or evening when trolling rapalas, crawler harnesses or jigs with crawlers.  Shore anglers drifting crawlers or minnows continue to catch smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, channel cats, suckers, bluegill and perch.  Sturgeon season closed on September 30th. 
Little Bay De Noc:  Windy conditions have kept many boats at bay.  A few walleye were caught along the Black Bottom and the East Bank in Gladstone. When trolling or drifting crawlers in 18 to 27 feet.  Perch anglers did well in Kipling and near the mouth of the Day’s River with crawlers in 13 to 16 feet of water.  
Escanaba River:  Is producing good numbers of chinook salmon.  Most are wading out near the 1st Dam and casting spoons, spinners or crank baits along the rapids. 
Big Bay De Noc:  Continues to see plenty of smallmouth bass anglers fishing between Snake Island and Snail Shell Harbor.  Most are drifting minnows in 15 to 30 feet.  No walleye to report.  A few perch were caught off the mouth of Garden Bay in 18 to 25 feet.  Crawlers worked best. 
Au Train:  The few boats heading out did catch coho and lake trout.  Salmon were caught in less than 30 feet of water near the Rock River and lake trout were taken along the drop-off east of Au Train Island. 
Two Hearted River:  Has a fair to good number of salmon.  Those surfcasting at the mouth caught chinook and coho.  The occasional steelhead has been caught. 
St. Mary’s River:  Most of the walleye anglers are now targeting perch however a few walleye were still being caught on the east side of Lime Island where the channel narrows down between Hart Island and Lime Island.  They are using bottom bouncers and crawler harnesses in 12 to 18 feet.  Muskie were caught by those trolling large black and yellow bucktail spinners in 8 to 10 feet along the rock ledges on the east side of Lime Island.  In Sault St. Marie, anglers trolling bottom bouncers with purple beads and smiley blades caught fish off 6-Mile Road. 
Drummond Island:  Perch are schooling in and around most of the Islands in Scott Bay.  Fish were caught on the south end of Ashman Island, just out from the yellow house in 12 to 14 feet.  Minnows and popcorn shrimp worked best.  Those drifting minnows along the south end of Grape Island caught a few walleye in 12 feet of water off the red buoy.   Smallmouth bass were suspended in 12 to 14 feet on the northwest side of Burnt Island.  Anglers are jigging green and brown tube baits just off the rock ledges.    
Cedarville and Hessel:  Few anglers were in Hessel Bay but the perch fishing was good along the east end and in Government Bay.  At Cedarville, perch fishing was excellent in Musky Bay and Snows Channel for those using minnows and worms in 6 to 10 feet of water.  Pike fishing remains very good for those casting along the weed beds or fishing with chubs.  Bass fishing has been excellent.  Lake trout and splake season closed on September 30th. 
Carp River:  Has a lot of anglers and they are harvesting a good number of fish. Chinook and pink salmon are hitting on small Cleo’s or spawn bags.  Some of the fish were 20 pounds or more.  

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