Sunday, January 22, 2017

Best Rivers in America for Trout Fishermen

If you want to start a good debate, that's not about politics, get amongst a group of trout fishermen - fly fishermen, spin fishermen...doesn't really matter - and come up with the top ten trout waters in America.

You better be good friends before the debate starts, because things are bound to be spirited!  Where do you even start?

The criteria for a top stream for you might be simply fishing that's fast and furious.  Your buddy might insist that the setting be wild and lacking in crowds.  Someone else might feel like fish might have to be wild and native, or they are not worth catching.

David Mann wrote a good conversation starter over at our sister site, At his article, America's Best Trout Streams, he ranks his top ten, and you will see a little of about everything.  My only major area of disagreement with him is leaving off all mention of Alaskan streams like the Kenai River.

See...there is always gonna be some room for dispute!

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