Sunday, July 24, 2016

Last Trips of the Summer

Evening on Gulf of Maine from Acadia
National Park
Here we are three weeks into July, and with school starting earlier it seems every year, you might be thinking of one more outdoor excursion for the year...or maybe you are really ambitious and will get a few more in!  I am a high school math teacher, so even though my kids are grown, the school schedule still is a driver in our lives.

One kind of cool thing is that even though our kids are grown, we still often have them with us on our adventures.  We took one big trip to the northeast just the two of us - Maine and the Adirondacks with a one day trip into NYC. It was our 30th anniversary trip, plus our unmarried son was deep into working at doing forest research down in the Missouri Ozarks before his final undergrad year as a forestry major at Mizzou.

We have one more ace up our sleeve...a shorter trip of about 5 days to the Indian Peaks Wilderness area of Colorado.  Past trips we have gone further west - the San Juans in SW Colorado, Flattops Wilderness in NW Colorado, etc.  We were looking for as much peace and solitude as we could find on the Front Range part of Colorado, and a place where our dogs would be welcome.  I think we found it very nicely!
Indian Peaks Wilderness

There will be excellent hiking in close proximity and the campground where our operations will be
based is right on a fairly decent fly fishing stream...and several lakes with excellent prospects are within day hike range.

It is amazing how much doing a trip like this, even if you can only go over a weekend, re-orients the world around us with a different perspective.  We hope your summer ends well, and that one or more excursions are in your immediate future!