Monday, June 13, 2016

2016 marks 100 years of dog field trials in Gladwin, Michigan

The Gladwin Field Trial Area will celebrate its 100th anniversary Saturday, June 18. The Department of Natural Resources invites the public to come and enjoy a celebration of a century-old Michigan tradition with an 11 a.m. ceremony at Alibi Hall at the Gladwin Field Trial Area in Meredith, Michigan.
“We are excited to celebrate this special place with its long-standing history, traditions and habitat management for ruffed grouse and American woodcock,” said DNR wildlife biologist Bruce Barlow.  “The Gladwin Field Trial Area is the best field-trialing venue in the nation.”
Located in the northwest corner of Gladwin County on more than 4,900 acres, the Gladwin Field Trial Area brings people from all over the country for premier dog field trials, which are competitions for hunting dogs to test their levels of skill and training in locating and pointing. Trials are held in the early spring and again in the late summer and early fall, avoiding the quiet period when birds are nesting. The uniqueness of these field trials comes from the dogs working wild native birds, ruffed grouse and woodcock. Birds are not placed in the Gladwin Field Trial Area. With an intense timber management program, this area – which includes 14 different field trial courses – can hold birds with its young forest habitat.
“Many folks and their families, some through multiple generations, have numerous and cherished memories out here,” said Barlow. “It’s going to be a wonderful afternoon having everyone out to Alibi Hall, which itself is a great piece of field trial history.”