Friday, November 6, 2015

Michigan Fishing Report for 11/6/2015

The rain did help move some steelhead into the harbors and up into the rivers.  As the days grow shorter so does the fishing report.  Updates are harder to come-by as fewer anglers are out.  Most of the DNR Creel Clerks are done for the season.  Some will return in January for ice fishing season but most will not return until April 1, 2016.

Southeast Lower Peninsula

Lake Erie:  The waters were stirred up a bit after the rain and windy conditions.  Those perch fishing found fish in 24 feet.  Try shiners with perch rigs near the bottom.  

Huron River:  Is producing the occasional steelhead.  Anglers were using blue and silver or orange and silver little Cleo’s.       

Detroit River:  The few walleye caught were taken by perch anglers mainly near the mouth.  Perch anglers caught fish off the docks in the marinas.  Look for panfish in the cuts and canals.

Lake St. Clair:  Perch reports have been slow.  Panfish are moving into the canals.  Move around until you find them as they seem to be concentrated.  Some have found walleye in shallow waters when trolling or casting crank baits at night.  DNR Parks and Recreation Division is planning to keep the docks in at the ramps until December 1, 2015 or until first ice. 

St. Clair River:  Water temperature was 51 degrees with excellent water clarity.
Walleye fishing has improved throughout the river with the best spots between Marysville and Port Huron. Anglers were catching fish after dark when casting or whipping.  Fish were also caught by those jigging during the day.  The Delta Channels are also producing walleye for those jigging with minnows.   

Lexington & Port Sanilac:  Had some trout in the harbor.  Try small spoons, crawlers or spawn.  Some perch were caught on minnows.  

Saginaw Bay:  Did not have much activity on the west side.  A couple boats fishing out near Spoils Island did catch a few perch.  Boat anglers in six feet straight off the mouth of the Quanicassee River caught perch ranging eight to 11 inches.  Reports say the perch are in big time!      

Saginaw River:  Perch were taken in the lower river and off the Yacht Club. 

Quanicassee River:  Shore anglers fishing the lower river caught perch but had to do a lot of sorting for a few keepers.  

Southwest Lower Peninsula

Bluegill fishing slowed on the inland lakes.  Pike and bass fishing were still good for those slow trolling or casting.   

St. Joseph:  Pier anglers caught a few whitefish when using a single egg on the bottom.  Fresh steelhead were caught by pier anglers and those surfcasting.  A few perch were caught on minnows in 30 feet.   

St. Joseph River:  Steelhead are all the way up to Berrien Springs and moving through the fish ladder.  Some lake trout were also reported.  

Kalamazoo River:  Anglers found some walleye below the Allegan Dam.  Some fresh steelhead were in the lower river.         

Grand Haven:  Steelhead have been caught by pier anglers and those surfcasting.

Grand River at Grand Rapids:  Received a fresh batch of steelhead after last weekend’s rain.  Try spawn, crawlers or small spoons.  Walleye fishing was spotty.  Most fish were caught at night.  

Rogue River:  Anglers caught steelhead between the Grand River and the Rockford Dam.  Try spawn, crawlers, jig and wax worm, small spoons, spinners or rapalas.  

Grand River at Lansing:  Anglers were catching smallmouth bass on the north end near the Brenke Fish Ladder.  Those targeting pike have caught one or two fish.  

Muskegon Lake:  Was producing a few yellow perch but catch rates were still spotty.  

Muskegon River:  Had some fresh steelhead move in after the rain.  Those perch fishing in the Hardy Dam Pond caught very few fish. 

Northeast Lower Peninsula

This is a good time of year to try fishing trout lakes in the area.  Be sure to check the Inland Trout and Salmon Regulations to make sure the lake is open to fishing and did not close on September 30.     

Burt & Mullett Lake:  Yellow perch fishing was hit-or-miss.  Anglers will need to be mobile to find them.  

Thunder Bay River:   Steelhead came in with the rain but catch rates were still on the slow side.  Try flies, salmon eggs near the bottom or small Cleo’s.  

Au Sable River:  Had some steelhead in the lower river.  Anglers are using spawn on the bottom, fly fishing or casting small spoons.  Some have caught the occasional walleye when casting body baits.  Blue and silver, orange and silver or fire-tiger are usually good colors.   

Higgins Lake:  Those seeking lake trout will want to try trolling in 80 to 100 feet.  For rainbow trout and brown trout, try fishing along the drop-offs.  No word on perch.    

Houghton Lake:  Had few anglers going out.  Those that are did catch a few pike, walleye and bass.  Crappie were caught in the canals.  

Tawas:  Had a few anglers trolling for walleye.  They were using crank baits and each boat was getting a couple fish.  A few walleye were caught by pier anglers casting crank baits in the evening.  Perch fishing off the pier was hit-or-miss with lots of sorting.  The water was all stirred up from all the wind.  

Au Gres:  The boats trolling rapalas caught a few walleye in 18 to 20 feet off Whitestone Point.  Not much to report on perch.  There have been some shore anglers fishing off the docks in Eagle Bay Marina but they are sorting through a lot of small ones to get a few keepers. 

Au Gres River:  Had reports of some steelhead in the East Branch.  The fish were bright chrome and fresh.  Look for more as the weather cools.  

Rifle River:  Anglers may find some steelhead as fresh fish did move in after the rain.

Northwest Lower Peninsula

Walleye fishing on the inland lakes picked up especially for those trolling or casting body baits at night. Fair to good pike and bass fishing were also reported.  

Petoskey:  Steelhead were starting to show up in the harbor.  There are a lot of lake trout as well but the season in the waters of Lake Michigan is closed.  The docks at the boat launch have been pulled for the season.   

Bear River:  Steelhead are moving into the river.  Lake trout are also being caught but anglers need to be careful on where they are keeping them.  The mouth upstream to the dam is open to keep lake trout but Little Traverse Bay is closed.  Windy days are the best when using spawn bags or spinners.  

Boardman River:  Continues to produce lake trout up near the Union Street Dam.  Salmon were few and far between but more steelhead were starting to show up.  

Frankfort:  Pier fishing was good when anglers could safely access the pier.  Strong winds have kept most of the boat traffic at bay.  Those surfcasting have also caught steelhead.  

Betsie River:  Much needed rains did help push some fresh steelhead into the river.  The salmon are done and any leftover fish are pretty dark.   

Manistee:  Pier and surfcasting for steelhead was good depending on wind and wave action.  

Manistee River:  Steelhead fishing picked up after the rain.  Some are still catching the odd salmon however the fish are spent.  Steelhead were found in the Little Manistee River.  

Ludington:  Pier anglers and those surfcasting have caught steelhead when the weather allows.  A few boats were heading south when the winds allowed.    

Pere Marquette River:  Anglers were catching steelhead especially after the rain.  Try spawn or small spoons.   

Upper Peninsula

Keweenaw Bay:  Anglers were still picking up a mix of coho and splake off the pier in L’Anse and at the head of the bay near the cement bridge.  From the South Portage Entry, lake trout and a couple steelhead were caught by those trolling in 70 to 100 feet between the lighthouse and Farmers Reef.   In Traverse Bay, lake trout and steelhead were caught straight out from the pier and down near the Gay Stacks.  

Menominee River:  Whitefish were starting to show up and the next couple weeks could bring some very good fishing.  Walleye were caught on rapalas and plastics near the Hattie Street Dam.  A few brown trout were caught between Stephenson Island and the Hattie Street Dam.  Anglers were casting small spoons, rapalas and plastics.  Shore anglers found perch and walleye near the Mystery Ship landing and the Lighthouse Pier.  Try minnows on the bottom.   

Little Bay De Noc:  Walleye anglers did best when trolling stick baits with boards at night along the Center Reef and the Third Reef in 12 to 30 feet.  Day anglers were trolling the same in 24 to 34 feet between the “Narrows” and the Center Reef.  Perch fishing was spotty.  Most anglers could be found along the Second Reef and the Center Reef where fish were caught on minnows in eight to 20 feet.   Northern pike were still active throughout.  Smallmouth anglers did best just south of Hunters Point when using minnow rigs or spinners in 12 to 25 feet.    

St. Mary’s River:  Should still have some walleye for the taking.  Try trolling crank baits or crawler harnesses.