Friday, August 7, 2015

Michigan weekly fishing report 8/7/2015

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Once again the weather has affected fishing conditions and catch rates as thermoclines and fish were all over the place in the Great Lakes.  If fishing the inland lakes, look for fish in shallower waters after the cold front.     
Lake Erie:  Walleye numbers are on the decline but fish are still being caught by those trolling in 17 to 25 feet near the E-Buoy, Fermi, Stony Point and Brest Bay.  Anglers are trolling between 1.4 and 1.6 mph with crawler harnesses, spoons or crank baits.  Yellow perch were caught in Brest Bay and La Plaisance Bay.  Anglers are using minnows while anchored in 20 to 25 feet.  The public access site at Bolles Harbor is closed until Friday, September 4 due to construction.  The next closest DNR launch is located at Sterling State Park. 

Lenawee County:  Bluegill anglers on Devils Lake did well fishing near the bottom with crickets and wax worms in 20 to 30 feet.  Bass anglers did well throughout the lake.  Pike were hitting deep divers along the weed beds and points.  Lake Hudson had a few good catches of bluegill but all other species were slow. 

Detroit River:  Walleye fishing was slow on the Canadian side and poor around Mud Island on the Michigan side.  The occasional fish was caught on the east side of Grosse Ile and down near Lake Erie in 15 to 40 feet.  Try bottom bouncing crawler harnesses, hand-lining with spoons and stick baits or jigging crawlers.  The fish caught weighed one to seven pounds.  Anglers also caught bass, channel cats, rock bass, white bass and white perch.  Those targeting large and smallmouth are fishing around the islands, the cuts and near the walls.

Lexington & Port Sanilac:   Boats trolling in 100 to 160 feet did well for lake trout.  They also managed to take the occasional salmon.  A few perch were caught in the weed beds south of Port Sanilac.  Pier anglers and those fishing inside the harbor caught pike and white bass when casting small spoons or body baits.

Harbor Beach:  Deepwater trollers did well in 110 to 160 feet when using a variety of lures including spoons.  They caught lake trout, steelhead, coho and the occasional Chinook.

Port Austin:  Walleyes were caught between here and Port Hope.  Crawler harnesses worked best in 25 to 45 feet but some were using spoons and artificial baits.  Pier anglers caught few smallmouth bass.

Saginaw Bay:  The weather has caused major hiccups with the fishing, the ability to get out there and then trying to find fish as most days they were scattered.  Some walleye and channel cats were caught near the G-Buoy off Linwood.  Walleye were still being caught off the Pinconning Bar but the action was starting to slow.  The east side of the Spark Plug was producing a few for those using spoons in 20 to 25 feet.  Those fishing off Quanicassee reported poor catch rates.  The better action was from Sebewaing to Caseville when fishing around Oak Point and the Charity Islands.  A few limit catches were taken in 25 to 40 feet with crawler harnesses but some were also using spoons or crank baits.  The incidental trout or salmon were caught out deeper.

Saginaw River:  Those using worms and minnows at Smith Park were catching channel cats and freshwater drum.

Sanford Lake:  Pink is still the color for bluegill and crappie.  Try a pink jig with a wax worm for bluegills or a minnow for crappie.  Cooler temperatures should improve the bite for bass, walleye and pike.


St. Joseph:  
Perch fishing slowed some over the last week.  Anglers are still targeting 30 feet of water but the fish were scattered.  Salmon fishing is slow.  Pier anglers are catching catfish and freshwater drum but the steelhead fishing was slow.  Most are using crawlers or shrimp.  

South Haven:  
Perch fishing slowed here as well as the fish seemed to be scattered in waters 20 to 60 feet deep.  Most of the fishing pressure was south of the piers.  Salmon fishing was slow.  A couple steelhead were caught but the fish are scattered.  Pier fishing for steelhead was slow.  

Van Buren County:  
The inland lakes had good bass fishing.  The panfish action was fair but should improve.  

 Pier anglers caught catfish and freshwater drum.   

Kalamazoo River:  
The occasional steelhead was caught up near the Allegan Dam but no big numbers of fish.  The catfish action has been very good for flathead and channel cats. 

Kalamazoo County:  
The inland lakes are producing a good number of largemouth bass.    

Grand Haven:  
Boat anglers caught trout and salmon 40 to 100 feet down in 80 to 180 feet with orange, green and yellow spoons as well as green meat rigs.  Pier anglers casting spoons caught freshwater drum. 

Grand River at Grand Rapids:  
There were no reports of any summer steelhead caught but smallmouth bass were taken on live bait, jigs and wax worms.  Those drifting below the dam caught walleye on minnows.  Flathead and channel cats were hitting on crawlers and bluegills.  Those fishing off the wall caught bluegills.   

Grand River at Lansing:  
Continues to produce channel cats.  A few bass were caught in the shallows early morning or evening.  No word on walleye however some panfish were caught in the backwaters.  

Ingham County:  
Anglers are catching bass and panfish in area waters.  

Trout and salmon were caught 35 to 90 feet down in 70 to 140 feet with green meat rigs and orange or green spoons. 


Burt Lake:  
Was producing some walleye right along with crappie, perch, rock bass and smallmouth bass.   

Mullett Lake:  
Anglers were catching walleye.  Try trolling crawler harnesses in 20 feet off the mouth of the Cheboygan River.  Look for smallmouth bass in 20 to 30 feet off the State Park.  

Rogers City:  
Boat anglers were running lines up and down the water column in 120 to 180 feet.  Steelhead were hitting orange spoons up high.    Coho, Chinook and lake trout were also caught.  Try blue, green and white spoons or glow spoons first and last light.  

West Twin Lake:  
Had good walleye fishing just before dark and the first hour after.   

When they can get out, anglers caught steelhead, lake trout, walleye and the occasional salmon near the “Humps”, Thunder Bay Island and towards Rockport and the wreck in 60 to 120 feet.  Target the entire water column with spoons.  Good colors were orange, green, black and white or anything that glows early and late.  Walleye are starting to leave the bay and head out towards deeper water.  Try the turn basin, North Shore, Rockport, or around Thunder Bay Island and Sulphur Island with crawler harnesses and body baits.  Some are switching to smaller spoons or body baits.   

Thunder Bay River:  
Was not producing much except for the occasional smallmouth bass, rock bass or freshwater drum.  

Fletchers Pond:  
Was producing some large bluegills.  Bass anglers were doing better now than earlier in the season.  

Anglers reported steady catch rates for lake trout and walleye with the occasional Atlantic, Chinook or steelhead also caught.  Lake trout were targeted in 70 to 150 feet.  The fish were suspended between 10 feet off the bottom and 20 feet from the surface.  Anglers are using lead core, copper, longlines and downriggers with spoons, wobble glo’s, spin-glo’s and body baits.  Walleye seem to be north of the harbor in good numbers.  Anglers are launching from Harrisville and the Black River and fishing between Sturgeon Point and the mouth of the Black River.  They are trolling crawler harnesses and body baits in 12 to 30 feet.   

 Pier anglers caught smallmouth bass and channel cats.  There have been a few reports of the occasional walleye caught.  Lake trout were in abundance north, south or straight out from the river.  The fish were suspended throughout the water column in 90 to 160 feet.  Spoons, flies, cut bait and wobble glows worked well.  

Higgins Lake:  
Is producing some perch and lots of rock bass.  Try 30 to 40 feet for the perch.  Rock bass have been caught throughout the lake.

Houghton Lake:  
Walleye were hitting on crawlers and leeches.  Panfish were deep but should have moved in shallower after the cold front.    

Most of the fishing success is coming from deeper water near the Gravelly Shoals, the Steeples, or near and past the Charity Islands in 15 to 35 feet.  Some are still fishing inside Tawas Point in 10 to 25 feet, Buoys 4 through 6 and near Jerry’s Marina.  They are using lindy rigs and casting.  No reports from the Tawas River.  

Au Gres:  
Anglers here were going deeper and fishing out past the Charity Islands and around the Steeples.


Harbor Springs:  
The boats are mainly fishing Harbor Point or up at 5-Mile Point.  Lake trout were deeper and caught just off the bottom in waters over 100 feet deep.  There were reports of a salmon or two caught on this side of the bay as well.  Spoons, peanuts and spin-glo’s worked well.  Those on the courtesy dock at the marina saw smallmouth bass and freshwater drum around the docks.  

Lake trout were still hit-or-miss.  Water temperature at the weather buoy was 68 degrees all the way down with only a slight change at 100 feet.  Lake trout anglers were targeting fish over 100 feet down with spoons and spin-glo’s.  No salmon to report.  Smallmouth bass, rock bass and bullhead were caught off the D Pier when using soft plastics.  The breakwall is still busy with swimmers during the afternoon.  Those that tried fishing in the early morning did not have any luck.   

Bear River:  
Water levels were still low even after the rain.  A couple small steelhead or brown trout were caught on spawn and worms near the dam.  

Had reports of a couple salmon caught near the cement plant and towards Fisherman’s Island.  A couple steelhead were caught up high.  Lake trout were caught 60 to 100 feet down in 100 to 300 feet near the can at the cement plant and south.  Spoons, spin-glo’s and flies worked well.  Fish were also caught at North Point, 70 to 80 feet down or right on the bottom in 100 feet.  Those fishing the channel continue to catch sub-legal smallmouth on crawlers, leeches or soft plastics on the bottom.  Anglers may still find a few walleye or freshwater drum in the channel.    

Traverse City:  
Lake trout fishing was fair in the East Bay.  Anglers were fishing 90 to 120 feet but the fish were scattered.  Run lures behind dodgers or cowbells near the bottom.  Those targeting salmon had little success.  The West Bay was a little better with the occasional salmon hitting on meat rigs, rotators and flies.  The few Chinook actually caught ranged 12 to 17 pounds.  Lake trout fishing was fair in 85 to 130 feet.   

Boardman River:  
Those fishing the upper stretches in Grand Traverse County have caught brook and brown trout when using worms or flies.  A couple steelhead were caught on worms at the Union Street Dam.  At the mouth, anglers are still catching sub-legal smallmouth and rock bass.  

Manistee River:  
Is producing smaller brown trout, smallmouth bass and the odd pike.  The trout are hitting on dry flies.  Those fishing below Tippy Dam have caught summer run steelhead.

Pere Marquette River:  
Is also producing brown trout, smallmouth bass and the odd early salmon.


Keweenaw Bay:  
Morning anglers jigging in 180 to 260 feet for lake trout have caught fish out from Whirl-I-Gig Road and Pequaming.  Some were picking up a mix of lake trout, splake and salmon.  Those trolling from the entrance of Huron Bay to the Huron Islands caught lake trout, Chinook and coho.  The salmon were 150 feet down in 200 feet.  Fishing picked up in Traverse Bay.  Anglers are either jigging or trolling from Hermits Cove south to 7-Mile Reef.  They caught coho and lake trout.  Those jigging were in 180 to 260 feet out from Big Louie’s Point. 

Menominee River:  
Those trolling crawler harnesses and stick baits caught walleye, catfish and freshwater drum.  The better fishing was in the evening.  

Little Bay De Noc:  
Walleye anglers in general reported very little action this week. Kipling reported modest catches for those trolling crawler harnesses in 23 to 30 feet.  The better catches came from Gladstone Beach and Terrace Bay Inn when trolling crawler harnesses or jigging minnows in 18 to 40 feet.  Good to excellent smallmouth bass catches in the Ford River area and south to Round Island in four to eight feet.  Most are casting plastics, spinners or crank baits.  The best perch catches were near the green buoy by the Day’s River with minnows or worms in 16 to 24 feet.  Northern pike were very active throughout the Bay although many were undersize. Salmon anglers reported fair catches in the southern Bay when trolling spoons 30 to 60 feet down in 100 feet.  

Big Bay De Noc:  
Walleye anglers were fishing between Round Island and St. Vitals Island and over to Big Bay Shoals with crank baits and harnesses in 20 to 30 feet.   Bass anglers reported fair to good catches in Kate’s Bay, Porcupine Point and north of St. Vitals Island. Most fish were in six to 12 feet.  Try plastics, spinners or jigs with crawlers.  Fairport anglers caught mostly lake trout.  A good number of the Chinook salmon were younger fish.  Anglers are trolling spoons, flies or artificial cut bait 30 to 90 feet down in 90 to 150 feet.  Various colors are being used and water temperature is the primary focus for most anglers.  
The Upper Harbor public launch at Presque Isle Park is closed for renovation but the Lower Harbor launch is still open.  Lake trout were caught up near Granite Island.  The fish were suspended at various depths and suspended 40 to 50 feet off the bottom. The fish are averaging three to four pounds.  A few anglers fishing north of Granite Island and east of port reported fish in 200 feet of water and deeper.  The mouth of the Carp River has had major road construction in the area along with a gas line project off Lake Street making access for fishing somewhat limited.  

Au Train Lake:  
A few walleye and pike were caught by those drifting crawler harnesses.  Perch anglers reported fair action.  Most of the fish were released due to the small size.

South Manistique Lake:  
A good number of bluegills were caught south of Norton Island by those bouncing leaf worms off the bottom.  Catch rates for walleye were back down with only a handful legal size fish caught.  Largemouth and pike have slowed during the day, but the action was hot with the cooler temperatures in the morning and evening.  Weed less top-water frogs, buzz-baits, and soft plastics have been catching fish along the weeds between Pavlica's South Shore and Lakeshore Resorts. Try a slower presentation. 

Fishing effort was limited due to high winds.  A few Atlantic salmon were caught while trolling from Fry Pan Island in DeTour and southeast to Crab Island and the red buoy on Drummond Island side.  Try dipsey divers and lead core with blue, white and chrome spoons about halfway down in 80 to 100 feet.  

Drummond Island:  
Anglers looking for fly hatches and the lake herring that follow should target Butterfield, Maple and Macomb Islands.  Herring and whitefish were caught on gold tear drop jigs and wax worms in 25 feet, about three cranks off the bottom.  A few walleye were reported near Picnic Island which is the first island straight north of Drummond Island Township Park.  They are using slip bobbers and minnows along the weed beds in 12 to 14 feet in the early morning or late evening.  Smallmouth bass are very good on the north side of Scott Bay, off Paw Point and Bruce’s Point when jigging dark green and brown tube jigs in five to eight feet.  Rock bass and pumpkinseed were caught in good numbers around the mouth of Harbor Island in 23 to 26 feet.  

Cedarville and Hessel:  
Very good pike fishing continues for those trolling or casting.  Perch fishing was good especially in Moscoe Channel, Hessel Bay and Cedarville Bay.  Bass fishing was good in the shallow bays for those casting.  Try spinners or soft plastics.