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Michigan Weekly Fishing Report

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Upper Peninsula

Another week of roller coaster temperatures and windy conditions has hampered fishing. Inland lake fishing is slow due to the cooler water temperatures.      
Lake Erie:  Water temperatures were in the low 50's but strong winds have resulted in poor water clarity. Walleye are being caught in the early morning or at dusk near Turtle Island in 10 to 12 feet or Brest Bay and Stony Pointe in eight to 10 feet. Try using hair jigs in John Deer green or black and white patterns as well as trolling minnows or jerk baits. Good numbers of catfish and bass have been caught from the Hot Ponds. Some big largemouth bass were caught off Bolles Harbor.

Huron River:  Is producing white bass and some walleye. Many are fishing up near Flat Rock. The steelhead action has slowed.

Detroit River:  Is producing walleye for those hand-lining or jigging in the lower river and the Trenton Channel. Most are using Wyandotte worms with a big minnow. Hot colors were orange, chartreuse or antifreeze. No word on perch.  

Portage Lake:  Near Pinckney had few anglers. The opener of the catch and release bass season was slow. Bluegills and crappie were caught on small jigs with minnows in the canals of Portage and Zukey Lake.   

Lake St. Clair:  The catch and release bass fishing has been good even with the cold water and windy conditions. Rock bass are starting to bite near the mouth of the Clinton River. DNR survey nets in Anchor Bay are showing good numbers of large channel catfish and pike.   

St. Clair River:  Anglers are catching a good number of walleye. Some also caught the occasional coho and steelhead.
Lexington:  Anglers have taken good catches of lake trout, chinook, coho, brown trout and the occasional rainbow trout, Atlantic salmon and walleye in 15 to 30 feet on bombers and spoons. Bullhead were caught off the docks.

Port Sanilac:  Is producing good numbers of trout and salmon in 15 to 30 feet. Those fishing off the north wall caught Atlantic, coho and brown trout.

Harbor Beach:  Anglers are catching trout, salmon and a few walleye when trolling green and orange bombers in 20 to 50 feet. Pier fishing was slow.

Saginaw Bay:  Walleye have been caught by those trolling crank baits in 16 feet off Linwood and by those trolling or jigging around the rocks at Spoils Island. A few walleye were taken on crawler harnesses between Quanicassee and Fish Point. Very few walleye were caught between Sebewaing and Caseville. A couple channel catfish were caught in the marina.    

Tittabawassee River:  Fish were still caught upstream of Gordonville Road near the railroad bridge and downstream of Freeland when trolling rapalas. Fire-tiger and clown colors were good. Shore anglers near Freeland did well with jigs, twisters and crawlers. Walleye were caught near M-46 and downstream toward Green Point as well as near the Tittabawassee, Shiawassee and Saginaw confluence. A few white bass are starting to show up.

Saginaw River:  Walleye were caught by those trolling or drifting from the Coast Guard Station to the mouth. No perch to report. 

St. Joseph:  
The weather has made fishing a challenge. Pier fishing was slow however boat anglers had better luck. Anglers have caught a mixed bag of Chinook, coho and brown trout on small spoons in 40 to 60 feet.    

South Haven:  
Both boat and piers anglers reported tough fishing conditions. A few salmon were caught in 20 feet and lake trout in 60 feet.  

Grand Haven: 
 A few Chinook salmon and some brown trout have showed up. Fish were caught off downriggers set 24 feet down in 30 to 45 feet. Some are using planer boards to fish the top water. Pier anglers are casting spoons for brown trout but some are also using alewife. Perch fishing was good along the holes south of the southern pier in 60 feet. Minnows, spikes and wigglers are all working. Night fishing for walleye was very slow off the piers.  

Reeds Lake: 
 Is producing some crappie, bluegill and perch.     

Grand River in Grand Rapids: 
 Is still producing some steelhead and the occasional walleye. A good number of smallmouth bass have been caught and released. Catfish action is picking up. Flatheads are hitting on live suckers or a crawler and leech combo. Channel cats are hitting on cut bait, crawlers or chicken liver. Crappie fishing was good.    

Grand River closer to Lansing:  
Has a good number of steelhead at Moore’s Park. They are slow to bite so try spawn and flies under a bobber. Channel catfish are also hitting on live bait, crawlers and spawn. Those near the Brenke fish ladder are catching lots of pike on shiners. A few walleye along with occasional steelhead were also caught.  

Maple River:  
Is producing catfish and suckers.  

Boat anglers are trolling the basin and around the piers for Chinook, brown trout and walleye. Pier fishing was slow. The Cottage Grove boat launch was still closed.  

Muskegon River:  
Water temperatures were in the upper 40’s. The river is still producing steelhead including some fresh fish.        

Pier anglers are still catching brown trout when still-fishing with spawn.  Some have caught fresh steelhead. Catch rates for walleye were slow but a few were caught from the piers and the channel when casting lures.  

Ocquoec River: 
Is starting to see some steelhead. Fish were caught by those drifting a spawn bag in the deeper holes.  

Rogers City:  
When anglers can get out they have caught Atlantic, brown trout and lake trout when using stick baits. Bright colors were best like orange, fire-tiger or orange and yellow. Swan Bay and Calcite Harbor should be good as lake trout start to show up any day now. Target the shallows with high-lines and cowbells or out a little deeper with spin glows and cowbells.  

A limit of lake trout were caught around Middle Island.  

The docks are in and the fish cleaning station is open however the restrooms were still closed. A few anglers fishing just outside the river mouth picked up the occasional walleye day or night.  

Thunder Bay River:  
Walleye fishing was very good day or night for those drifting and jigging. Most were averaging three to four fish per boat but some had limit catches. Fishing up near the dam was difficult because of high water levels and dealing with suckers constantly hitting their lines.  

The water is up, the docks are in and the fish are in. Atlantic salmon, lake trout, steelhead and walleye are in and around the harbor. Fish are being caught day and night on spawn, body baits, small spoons or spinners in 20 to 40 feet.

The pier has been productive early morning or late evening. Walleye are coming in limited numbers. They are good size and healthy. Crawlers, jig's and body baits have worked best.    

Au Sable River:  
Steelhead are now moving into the river in good numbers. A lot of anglers are hooking up but some are having a hard time landing them. From the mouth to the dam, the river is high and the current is fast. New snags have moved into some of the areas holding fish.    

Houghton Lake:  
Cold gusty winds have kept anglers off the lake. Those fishing the canals have caught a few crappie or the occasional bluegill.      

Had no boats out.  The docks are in at the Ferry Beach launch, but no boats on Lake Charlevoix yet. A few anglers were fishing the Medusa Cement Plant slip, but nothing was caught. Others were fishing the channel during the day but no fish were caught. Look for walleye in the channel at night.  

The docks are in at the launch site however there were still some large pieces of ice floating around in Little Traverse Bay. The end of the pier was still covered with deep snow and ice.  

Bear River:  
Is running high and fast. A couple steelhead were caught near the dam but no big numbers yet.  

Harbor Springs:  
The boat launch is currently being dredged.  

Traverse City:  
The East Bay was producing some lake trout and cisco for those jigging. In the West Bay, lake trout and cisco were caught by those jigging in 60 to 150 feet of water. Lake trout and steelhead were taken on spawn or lures near the mouth of the Boardman. 

Elk River: 
 Catch rates were slow with only a couple steelhead caught on spawn bags or a jig and wax worms.

Boardman River:  
Steelhead fishing was slow with a few fish caught on spawn or wax worms. Anglers will also find walleye, suckers, northern pike, and smallmouth bass.  

Platte Bay:  
Those trolling are seeing some of the best brown trout action they have seen in years. Most are using black and chrome rapalas.  

Platte River:  
Rain increased water levels and water temperatures. Steelhead fishing is very good and fresh fish are on the gravel. Most are using orange fly eggs. In Honor, the water was high but clear. Those fishing at South Street caught suckers on worms. Anglers have seen some nice brown trout and steelhead. Water levels were high and temperatures were at 44 degrees at the M-22 Bridge. Anglers are catching walleye on plastic baits. Look for fish between the outlet of Platte Lake and Loon Lake. A good number of suckers can be found in the holes down near the mouth. They will take an egg sucking leech or anything you put in front of them.  

Lakes Cadillac and Mitchell:  
Are producing some walleye, pike and bullhead.  Bluegill and crappie are slow.  

Brown trout fishing has been excellent for boat and pier anglers. Some early chinook salmon are also starting to show up. Boat anglers are trolling small spoons or body baits and pier anglers are using spawn.   

Manistee River:  
Steelhead fishing continues to be strong at Tippy Dam. The cold spring has really prolonged the run. Brown trout and a few walleye have also been caught. Try spoons, crank baits, flies or spawn.  

Has good brown trout fishing near shore. Boat anglers are trolling body baits in natural color patterns. Pier fishing was slower.   

Pere Marquette River:  
Still has very good steelhead fishing.    

Pier anglers were still catching some brown trout and the occasional steelhead on spawn. A few walleye were taken from the piers and the channels. Pier anglers also caught a good number of sizable large and smallmouth bass. Those casting caught pike. Catfish are starting to bite. 

Lake Superior still had ice from Keweenaw Bay to Whitefish Point with most of the Canadian side and towards Duluth with open water. Winds have been primarily from the north and pushing the ice.  

Keweenaw Bay:  
Catch rates are still extremely slow. Anglers fishing off the rock dock next to the L’Anse Marina did manage to catch a couple Chinook, coho or rainbow trout. There are rumors of a handful of smelt taken in the Silver River and the Ravine River.    

Ice is still present in the Lower Harbor. Some areas are starting to show some black ice near shore and by the fishing pier at Mattson Park. Shore anglers at Mattson Park have caught lake trout in the pockets of open water near the breakwall when jigging or casting spoons. Water levels were high and catch rates were poor at the mouth of the Carp River.  

Little Bay De Noc:  
Rapid River, Gladstone and the Ford River launches all have docks in. The rest should be in this week with the exception of Aronson Island as the Harbor is still iced over. Rain fell most of the week adding to the rivers already overflowing situation. Perch anglers launching out of Rapid River reported fair catches out from the Day’s River using minnows or crawlers in 13 to 24 feet. Those fishing near Strawberry Island reported a few catches when using crawlers in six to 14 feet. Anglers were marking perch about 30 feet down in the “Narrows” however few fish were caught.  

Big Bay De Noc:  
The docks are in at Garden, Fish Dam and Ogontz. The rest should be in this week. Garden Bay is open and perch anglers have done well near Hermes Fish House. They are using minnows in six to eight feet. Though lots of small ones have been caught several limit catches were also reported. Perch anglers heading out to deeper water near the mouth of the Bay in the early morning reported fair to good catches with minnows in 20 to 30 feet.   

Au Train: 
 Ice along the shore of the rivers is slowly starting to melt. Anglers fishing the mouth of the rivers for coho and steelhead had little success except for a couple coho taken on spoons. Those trying spawn or a single egg for whitefish had no luck.  

The bay had few anglers and slow catch rates. Ice remains throughout the bay but was not fishable. The only fishing activity has been around the mouth of the Anna River and Bay Furnace Creek. Small boats floating out and jigging along the ice did catch a few whitefish, splake or small steelhead.  

Grand Marais:  
Was still pretty much iced in. Pier anglers were fishing the north pier however north winds will push ice into the area. Catch rates were slow. A few fishing the mouth of the Sucker River did catch a couple trout and salmon. Streams in the area are running high and stained.   

Two Hearted River: 
 Access roads are open. Steelhead are in the river however the high dark water makes fishing difficult. 

St. Mary’s River:  
A few coho and rainbow trout were caught off the canal bridge at the power plant. Anglers are using two to four ounce sinkers with a 24 inch leader above the sinker and frozen spawn. Some are drifting red and chrome flatfish near the railroad ties on the west bank. The city docks are in however boat anglers need to watch for large chunks of ice floating on the upper river between the City Park and the Sugar Island Ferry Boat. Both docks are in at Raber Bay but there was still some ice just out from the docks.  

Anglers were catching steelhead just west of the Albany Creek.

Cedarville and Hessel:   
The ice is out of Musky Bay but the west end of Hessel Bay was still frozen. Pier anglers are watching for trout and salmon. Perch have been caught in the west end of Musky Bay and along the north shore in 10 to 14 feet.   

Carp River:  
Anglers reported some smelt. Water levels are still a bit high, but receding. 

Black River: 
 In Mackinac County has steelhead and some smelt. High water levels are making it difficult to fish.  
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