Wednesday, October 16, 2013

North Dakota Trout Stocking Announced

English: Rainbow trout
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)
North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel recently stocked seven waters with catchable trout.
Jerry Weigel, fisheries development and production section leader, said these trout will provide exciting fall and winter fishing opportunities. “Shasta strain rainbow trout average more than one pound each, with some up to five pounds,” Weigel said. More than 800 were stocked in the Turtle River near Arvilla in Grand Forks County, while 115 went in the Owls Pond in Burleigh County.
In addition, Wyoming Game and Fish Department provided 7,500 Firehole strain rainbows as part of an annual trade for walleye fingerlings. These half-pound fish were stocked in McGregor Dam in Williams County, Lightning Lake in McLean County, Fish Creek Dam and Harmon Lake in Morton County, and Mooreton Pond in Richland County.
“Trout provided from Wyoming give anglers a chance to catch unique strains and species that otherwise would require a trip to the Rocky Mountains,” Weigel said.
Anglers should refer to the fishing tab at the Game and Fish Department’s website,, for a complete stocking report.