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Fishing in Michigan

Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery videoCurious about what happens at a fish hatchery? Come for a visit and see for yourself!
Michigan’s state fish hatcheries were developed in the 1870s to produce the species, strain and size of fish needed by fisheries managers to create a dynamic fishery in our water bodies.
State fish hatcheries are still critical to the efforts of the Department of Natural Resources to restore, enhance and create new fishing opportunities in Michigan’s Great Lakes, inland lakes and streams. These efforts are accomplished by six state fish hatcheries located throughout Michigan.
Fall is a great time to visit any of the state’s fish hatcheries as they participate in egg-take activities. Egg-take activities consist of collecting eggs and milt (sperm) from fish to reproduce specific species that will be reared at these hatcheries. These activities can be viewed by the public.
All of Michigan’s state fish hatcheries are free to visit. Some offer guided tours while others offer self-guided tours.
Harrietta State Fish Hatchery
This hatchery, established in 1901, is the state’s oldest fish rearing facility. It is located in Harrietta (northwest of Cadillac) and focuses on rearing rainbow trout (steelhead) and brown trout. 
Marquette State Fish Hatchery
Established in 1921, this hatchery is the primary facility for rearing brook trout and lake trout in Michigan. It is located just to the southeast of downtown Marquette. 
Oden State Fish Hatchery
Located in Alanson (near Petoskey), this hatchery was established in 1921 and rears brown trout and rainbow trout (steelhead). 
Thompson State Fish Hatchery
This hatchery, established in 1922, is located in Manistique and focuses on rearing Chinook salmon, rainbow trout (steelhead) and brown trout. Walleye are also produced at Thompson State Fish Hatchery. 
Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery (click on the video above to learn more about this hatchery!)Established in 1927, this hatchery produces a variety of species; including Chinook salmon, rainbow trout (steelhead), walleye, northern pike and muskellunge. Wolf Lake State Fish Hatchery is located in Mattawan (near Kalamazoo). 
Platte River State Fish Hatchery
Located in Beulah (near Traverse City), this hatchery was established in 1928 and is the state’s main location for coho and Chinook salmon. 
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