Thursday, July 11, 2013

USFWS and other Agencies Disrupt Internet Trafficking of Endangered Species

Live California scrub jay/California
 (federally protected). Credit USFWS
In our opinion there really would not
be any penalty too harsh for the culprits apprehended in this bust made by USFWS and other law enforcement.  The operation involved US officers as well as those from other countries.  Demand for the items and animals sought by the poachers is the real problem.

For this reason and others, we believe that a total ban on the ownership of exotic animals is a good idea.

The operation, called "Operation Wild Web" seized animals and animal parts valued in the many tens of thousands of dollars.  With huge profits to be made, just like the war on drugs, the real answer is in stemming the demand end.
Live piranhas/California (state-listed as injurious). Credit USFWS

Sumatran tiger skin/California (federally protected). Credit USFWS