Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Iowa World Champion Archer, Wisconsin invaded by Japanese -Family Outdoor News for July 10, 2013


The Bureau of Endangered Resources in Wisconsin is changing its name to the Bureau of Natural Heritage Conservation within the Department of Natural Resources.  According to bureau director Erin Crain, "Our name has changed but our mission is the same." Crain went on to say, "“Our goal is to keep plants and animals off the endangered and threatened species list in the first place. We think having more people in the field where they can advise partners and private property owners can help us better achieve that goal.”

In a related matter, Crain is inviting folks out to the state fair (August 1-11) to see the bureau's booth and learn more about non-game species and what the bureau is up to.

On the invasive species front, a species called Japanese hedgeparsley has begun to .
be a big problem in southern regions of Wisconsin.  According to DNR, "small patches are easily hand pulled. If the plants are already flowering or have seeds, they should be dried and burned or bagged up and put in the trash. As with other regulated invasive plants, there is an exemption from the yard waste rule that allows these plants to be sent to a landfill to prevent further spread of their seeds."  For more detailed info visit

Finally, 2014 Friends of Wisconsin State Parks Calendar folks are having a photo contest that runs through the end of August.  If you have a photo you think might make the cut, visit


Iowa can boast a world champion in its midsts.  Josh Ohlert went to St. Louis and won the School Program's World Championship which had archers from 22 states and Canada.  Congrats to Josh and all the other competitors from Iowa!

On the hunting front, adults who need a hunter safety course can do so online.  The two sponsoring sites are and  To learn more about this on the Iowa DNR site go to

Women who enjoy the outdoors and would like to improve their outdoor skills can now register for Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW).  The class will run September 20-22 and will be at Springbrook Conservation Education Center, in Guthrie County.  The course covers hunting, fishing, archery, shooting, birdwatching, and much more.  To get the details go to